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The Dutch Transfusion Data warehouse is a continuation of the PROTON I and PROTON II projects.

The PROTON I (Profiles of Transfusion Recipients) database visualised the use of blood products in 20 Dutch hospitals over a period of 10 years (1996 - 2006) retrospectively. The PROTON database contains 2.4 million transfusions and their recipients. Data were linked to mortality databases (GBA) and hospital discharge diagnoses databases (LMR) at Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The PROTON dataset encompasses 28% of the total blood use in the Netherlands. It provided insight in the cost-efficiency of several blood safety measures and the distribution of blood components over the different patients and their successive survival. 

Subsequently, PROTON II started in 5 pilot hospitals, and was later (2014) expanded across more hospitals. Extra data sources were tapped into and added to the database, thereby adding additional recipient, donor and product data. As of May 2016, PROTON II transitioned into the Dutch Transfusion Data warehouse.



The Dutch Transfusion Data warehouse is an initiative driven by Sanquin Blood Supply and Dutch hospitals. The daily management (the Project Management Team) is made up of representatives of both parties. The Project Management Team is supported in its tasks by the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board members represent all relevant clinical disciplines, complemented by an epidemiologist and a representative of the TRIP National Haemovigilance and Biovigilance office. The daily executive functions are in hands of the Project Team.

Project Management Team

JG van der Bom, MD, PhD (CCTR, Sanquin / LUMC)
MP Janssen, PhD (Julius Centre, UMCU)
MMW Koopman, MD PhD (Sanquin Blood Supply)

Advisory Board

K de Vooght, PhD (Clinical Chemistry)
OJ Visser, MD PhD (Haematology)
M Palmen, MD PhD (Surgery)
JG van der Bom, MD PhD (Epidemiology)
JC Wiersum, MD (TRIP)

Project Team

D Heijting, MSc
A Pors, MSc



Our official regulation document contains all the information you need on the rules and regulations within the Dutch Transfusion Data warehouse. It has been written in Dutch. The most important points can be found on this website. The document itself can be downloaded from the 'Documents' section on the right hand side of this page.