The Dutch Blood Transfusion Related Research Consortium

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The Dutch Blood Transfusion Related Research Consortium was established in October 2014. It is a workgroup initiated by the Dutch Association for Blood Transfusion (NVB), but functions completely independently from it. The members of the consortium represent all the transfusion related disciplines from the blood bank (Sanquin Blood Supply), academic and periferal hospitals: haematologists, epidemiologists, clinical chemists, analysts, researchers, transfusion specialists and donor physicians. 

The Consortium aims to facilitate a further increase in blood transfusion quality by cooperating in research efforts. The Consortium can be used as a platform for new ideas, working together in building project proposals and publishing results.

The Consortium is led by the aforementioned workgroup. The workgroup is composed of the following members:

  • Dr. Dorothea Evers (interist-haematologist – Radboud UMC)
  • Dr. Erik Beckers (haematologist-transfusion specialist – MUMC)
  • Dr. Martin Schipperus (haematologist Haga hospital – chairman TRIP)
  • Dr. Jennita Slomp (clinical chemist - MST)
  • Prof. Dr. Anske van der Bom (epidemiologist – Center for Clinical Transfusion Research, Sanquin)
  • Dr. Karen de Vooght (clinical chemist – UMCU)
  • Dr. Hans van Duijnhoven (clinical chemist – Elkerliek Ziekenhuis)
  • Ellen Vestjens (official secretary)

More (Dutch) information can be found on the website of the NVB: