The DTD aims to gather as wide an overview of the Dutch blood tranfusion practice as possible. Therefore, we collect data from all parties involved in blood transfusion practice and safety.

A complete overview of the collected variables can be found in Appendix V to the Regulations document.

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Sanquin Blood Supply is the sole institution in the Netherlands allowed to collect, process and supply blood and blood products. Data on the donor, the donation, the production process and the products are gathered in the Blood Bank Management System eProgesa. The DTD receives these data on a regular basis. This means that, from 2010 - 2016, details are included of 4.2 million products originating from 3.6 million donations by 475 thousand donors.


The patient side of the transfusion chain is registered by the hospitals. In the DTD, hospital data is collected from delivery of the blood product and admission of the patient, and through diagnosis, transfusion to release from the hospital. This data is comprised of blood transfusion service data (product to patient), clinical data (diagnosis and treatments) an laboratory data (transfusion indication and effect).

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TRIP receives and analyses reports of adverse reactions and adverse events associated with blood transfusions. By including these data into the DTD we can also monitor the safety of blood transfusions in the Netherlands. Details include characteristics of the patient, the product and the specifics of the apparent reaction.