The idea is that all Dutch hospitals and Sanquin Blood Supply can partake as Data Provider in the DTD. Hospitals can be invited to take part in the DTD, but they can also contact the DTD themselves. 


In order to become a Data Provider to the DTD, first the local feasibility needs to be assssed by the Data Provider. This usually is a task of the Medical Ethics Comittee. The DTD team can assist in the process of acquiring consent.

After permission from the local committee, intake interviews will be conducted by the DTD Project Team with (a) representative(s) of the Data Provider. In this meeting, the DTD project will be further explained, contact persons will be assigned and the feasibility of data extraction will be assessed. 


Before the actual start of participation the contact person of the Data Provider signs an agreement, stating that the institution will partake in the DTD and will collect and provide the data as agreed. Furthermore, the Data Provider binds itself to the terms and conditions of the DTD regulations. This regulations document can be downloaded from the 'Downloads' section on the right hand side of this page.